Create Shutdown Button in Windows

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Shutdown button in windows can be a simpler way to shutdown the computer in place of going through multiple clicks.

While the old-fashioned way is a simple process of only 3 clicks, you can simplify it to a double-click icon, or even a single-click icon on your taskbar.

Way 1 – Original Way

Step 1 – Click on the Windows Start button

windows start

Step 2 – Click on the Power button

power button

Step 3 – Click on Shutdown

shutting down

2nd Way – Create a Shutdown button

  1. Right click anywhere in the desktop

2. Click on New > Shortcut

Add the command

shutdown /s /t 0

Click Next
Give a name to your icon and click ‘Finish’

It will create a shutdown shortcut in your desktop.
This icon will now behave as a shutdown button in windows and double clicking it should shutdown the system.

Adding an icon to the Shortcut

Right click on the shortcut, and click ‘Properties’
Then select ‘Change Icon’

From the list of icons, pick one that suits, and click on OK.

Then click ‘Apply’ to save.

Double clicking the icon should now shutdown windows.

Way 3 – Single Click

With the shortcut in place, now you can drag and drop the shortcut to the taskbar

drag drop icon to taskbar

Now clicking on the shutdown icon in the taskbar once, will shutdown windows in one click

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