Trackpad Gestures on MacBook

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Trackpad Gestures on MacBook comes in quite handy while working on the Apple machines. I have got my hands on a MacBook recently, and the gestures work good to quite some extent, but can be a little better. Here is the default list of trackpad gestures available on the MacBook […]

Navigate Back to Previous Page in Angular

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There are primarily 2 ways to navigate back to previous page in Angular: Using router.navigate() from @angular/router Using location.back() from @angular/common We will learn about these 2 methods in a little more detail below. Using router.navigate() to navigate back to previous page We can use router.navigate with the whole path […]


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Listing out some HTML Tips for future use. Linking script and stylesheet in HTML <script src=”main.js”></script> <link href=”style.css” rel=”stylesheet”></link> New in HTML5 canvas | audio | svg | header | footer | aside | article | nav | section etc… ————– CSS Reset – Removes browser default stylesNormalize.css – Sets […]