NodeJS – Getting Started

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NodeJS is a backend JavaScript based runtime environment, which is cross-platform and executes JavaScript outside of the web browser. It is highly scalable as it’s been designed with non-blocking, event-driven architecture. While it was initially designed for real-time push based architecture, it has gotten quite popular in a lot of […]

Reactive Forms in Angular


Reactive Forms in Angular form one of the two types of Forms in Angular, namely:– Template Driven Forms– Reactive Forms Reactive forms uses a model driven approach to handling inputs and it’s changes over time. It enable the developers to get more granular control of the forms. Features of Reactive […]

How to Create Modal in Angular

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Creating Modal in Angular has been made quite easy with the advent of a lot of component libraries available for the framework. Using 3rd party libraries can cause a lot of bloat in the code-base, and have unnecessary dependencies which may cause problem in the long run. So in this […]

Create Angular Project

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Angular is a platform used by millions of developers to build high-quality applications that can be deployed across desktop, mobile and the web. Angular is based on Typescript, and has been developed and maintained by Google, as well as individuals and corporations across the globe. Angular has been many time […]

Firebase Angular – Getting Started

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Firebase Angular combination is a boon for indie developers. It makes building up an application so fast, that the Time-To-Market can happen within a couple of days. Angular is one of the best frameworks available for building up enterprise applications, and Firebase provides Backend-as-a-Service covering the entire spectrum. Let’s get […]

What is Angular?

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What is Angular? It is a framework and platform used to build SPA (Single Page Applications) using. It is written using HTML and Typescript. It is based on a Component based framework that aides in building highly scalable web applications. It has an array of in-built libraries which help with […]

Custom Firebase Authentication Handler

custom firebase authentication handler

By default Firebase uses the [app-name] as the URL for handling the authentication flow. But we can also use a custom URL for firebase authentication handler. This can be overwritten by updating the authDomain in the firebase config. Go to Google Cloud ConsoleSelect the projectUse the menu to navigate to […]