NodeJS – Getting Started

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NodeJS is a backend JavaScript based runtime environment, which is cross-platform and executes JavaScript outside of the web browser. It is highly scalable as it’s been designed with non-blocking, event-driven architecture. While it was initially designed for real-time push based architecture, it has gotten quite popular in a lot of […]

Algorithms in JavaScript


Algorithms in JavaScript is a trial on how to build simple algorithms in JavaScript. SECTION 1 – Introduction Algorithms make programs run better and faster. SECTION 2 – FizzBuzz IntroductionA function that will take a number and log all the numbers from 1 till that given number.Additionally, if the number […]

Data Structures in JavaScript


What are Data Structures and why are they Important Data Structures are way of organizing data that is stored in a computer or database. Each type of data structure represents a different way of organizing the data.There are different types of data structures because they have different strengths and weaknesses.Some […]

Advanced JavaScript v1

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“use strict”; // needs to be used as string as most browsers didn’t used to support this and so would throw error. 2:We can use the Chrome Developer Tools Snippets to develop small pieces of code. “use strict”; or someFunction() { “use strict”; … } strict mode checking works ont […]