Invest in Index Funds

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When we invest in index funds, we basically invest in stocks that are part of some index. An index consists of a bunch of stocks that represent a particular category. For example, we have the Nifty 50 Index which tracks the top 50 stocks of the NSE. Then there are […]

Treasury Bills or T-Bills

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Treasury bills are a type of Government Securities issued by the Government of India and it guarantees the payment for a later date. The Government collects funds in this manner to meet their short term requirements. This helps reduce the fiscal deficit of the economy. Government Securities or G-Secs are […]

Investment Calculator

Have you ever tried to do a trade. Yes, of course. Who hasn’t tried at least once! But if you happen to be the one who has never tried to do so, try it once for fun. Know what the hype is all about. I started trading a few months […]