Git Submodules

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Git Submodules allows to use a git repository as a subdirectory of another repository. This enables us to use another repository with a reference that can be tracked separately from the main repository. When to use Often an application (hosted on git), will have dependencies on other external code. There […]

Git Commands

Git Commands lists some basic commands that makes working with GIT easier. It’s a go-to cheat-sheet for everyday GIT. Initialize an empty git repository Add (stage) all the added/modified files for commit To add specific files, use Commit all the staged files from the above command Push the changes to […]

Git Commands – The Basics

git commands

Have you started working on git recently and feel a little clumsy about its command line way? I have been there too, and being a UI friendly guy, I even sometimes forget its commands anyway. Some very basic GIT commands to make the life easier for a developer. So here […]