Love Letter? Break-Up Letter?

letter rose

This is almost a decade old letter I found lying in my email archive. Had written this for a friend of mine who had gone through a breakup to send to the ex.

I couldn’t understand.. maybe I never had. I still don’t know your intentions nor do I know what was I waiting for. But with passing time I have started hating the person I had loved once. I don’t know why did you said the things you never meant. You told me that you loved me, but the next moment you were unsure. You said that you cared for me, but then you don’t trust me. you told that you loved to talk to me, but how did it now all turn to a chore..??

You told me how crazy you were about me, how you loved our first kiss, and how we would start our family. You told me that we would never be apart, but how did the dream broke all of a sudden.?

You tell that you love me but also say that you are happy being single. You are happy with your new friends and say you don’t need me anymore. Our relationship could have worked out, but you said its better to be apart. You say that you love me but you hurt me even more.

It would have never been so bad unless you made it worse. You said that you loved me, but was all this a cheat.?

We had been together for a month when you said you loved me. You promised to kill me if I broke your heart, but what should I say you when you did what you have had.

We broke up because the relationship turned out to be perfect. We broke up due to the jealousy of our counterpart, but what should I say them when you were the one to tear me apart. You left me alone in the crowd.

It’s said that fate takes us to the destination, It will take you to the person you are meant to be with. Fate put you on the track to me, but you chose to be in your past. You know I loved you, but have no idea how much. I never cared for anyone the way I had cared about you. You know that I loved you but should have all that ended the way it did.

I wanted to talk to you, but I knew, I cant. I wanted to care about you, but you didn’t give me the chance. I wanted to love you more, but you said you can’t. I had given you my trust, my pride, my heart, my everything. I made so many sacrifices that now I have nothing left, but throughout you haven’t made one.

I loved you. I loved every second I had spent with you.

I thought I can protect myself from getting hurt by never talking to you again. I can get over from you. I can make my life much easier by removing you from it.

And I am glad that I made the decision. I am now happy without you. It’s not that I hate you now. But I hate you for thengs you did to me for someone else who had already left you in the hell. I picked you up to show heaven, but you did the same to me, what she did to you. But I am also thankful to you for making me understand love. The awesome feeling it gave me, and I’m going to cherish it for life.

Maybe you have missed something really great in your life. But I hope that the person for whom you left me, can give you the love I could have given you, care about you the way I did, and more. And most importantly shoudn’t repeat what she had done earlier.

Take Care.

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