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Have you ever tried to do a trade. Yes, of course. Who hasn’t tried at least once! But if you happen to be the one who has never tried to do so, try it once for fun. Know what the hype is all about.

I started trading a few months back, but I realized one thing that trading comes along with a lot of calculations. And the faster you are at it, the better you are going to do, because changes in stock prices happen in fraction of seconds. So one has to be fast, very fast.

While doing some investments, I realized that as I’m not quite proficient in the calculations. I was quickly getting overwhelmed by the taxes and deductions that come along with doing a trade. So after struggling for some time, I summed up a few things and created a calculator that would do those calculations for me.

You can view the calculator here.

Murari Mohan Nayak

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