Advanced JavaScript v1

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“use strict”; // needs to be used as string as most browsers didn’t used to support this and so would throw error. 2:We can use the Chrome Developer Tools Snippets to develop small pieces of code. “use strict”; or someFunction() { “use strict”; … } strict mode checking works ont […]



SECTION 1 9 – What is TypeScript Its a super-set of vanilla JavaScript. It has more features like Types, Classes, Interfaces, etc. But as because the browser does not support Typescript, it is first compiled to JavaScript via the CLI prior running in the browser. 11 – Adding Bootstrap to […]

Git Commands

Git Commands lists some basic commands that makes working with GIT easier. It’s a go-to cheat-sheet for everyday GIT. Initialize an empty git repository Add (stage) all the added/modified files for commit To add specific files, use Commit all the staged files from the above command Push the changes to […]