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SECTION 1 9 – What is TypeScript Its a super-set of vanilla JavaScript. It has more features like Types, Classes, Interfaces, etc. But as because the browser does not support Typescript, it is first compiled to JavaScript via the CLI prior running in the browser. 11 – Adding Bootstrap to Angular project While this can be added directly to the index file, it is better to do it the angular way. While in the project folder, type “npm install –save bootstrap” in the command line and press enter. This will install the bootstrap into the current project setup and save  … [Read More]


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Initialize an empty git repository git init Add (stage) all the added/modified files for commit git add . To add specific files, use git add path/to/file1.txt path/to/file2.ts Commit all the staged files from the above command git commit -m “your message” Push the changes to master branch git push origin master Push the changes to any other branch git push origin branch_name To see all the remote branches and their tracking urls git remote -v Add a remote url for tracking git add remote remote_name your_remote_url If adding the first remote, set the remote_name preferably to origin like git add  … [Read More]

microsoft office picture manager

Install Microsoft Office Picture Manager

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If you have upgraded to Microsoft Office 2013 or above from any of the earlier versions, then you might have realized that Microsoft has dumped the Microsoft Office Picture Manager. While there have been other applications provided by Microsoft to address this, nothing compares to the ease of use of the Picture Manager. In this article, I’m going to lay out the steps to install it alongside your other office installation without any additional cost, for free. While I was disappointed with the absence of the Microsoft Office Picture Manager in the new Microsoft Office installations, I was keen to  … [Read More]

Working with GIT – Part 3 (Problems with pull push fetch and merge)

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While working with git, git pull and git push make up for the majority of the commands we run. git pull This command is a shortcut for git fetch and git merge. While many developers advocate for using the git fetch and the git merge command, for the novice of users running without too much complexity, git pull does the job. Sometimes the git pull command is not able to do the task at hand, due to complexities, in which case, the git fetch and git merge are very very required. git push This command is required to push the  … [Read More]


Serving HTML files using ExpressJS and NodeJS

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Sometimes it is required to just wrap up a simple NodeJS server using the ExpressJS framework and get started with building an app without getting into the complexity of creating template files and serving them. So one can just create a simple html file and serve it over the server using ExpressJS. var express = require(“express”); var app = express(); var path = require(“path”); app.get(‘/’, function(req, res) { res.sendFile(path.join(__dirname + ‘/views/home.html’)); }); app.listen(process.env.PORT, process.env.IP, function() { console.log(“Started listening on your server”); }); As you can see above, make sure that you add the path prefix to make this to work.  … [Read More]


Starting a simple local webserver using NodeJS and Express

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Sometimes you just need a web server in your local computer but don’t want to bother installing a full fledged software like xampp, wamp, etc. to do it. Now-a-days almost everyone in the information technology industry have come across NodeJS. For those who don’t, NodeJS is an open source javascript based server framework. It is lightweight and has no-nonsense approach to manage things. You should already have an installation of NodeJS to continue with this. If not, please refer to guides to get it installed in your machine. Next you will need the ExpressJS framework for NodeJS to start the  … [Read More]

Working with GIT – Part 2 (Working with branches)

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While working with repositories, one would have come across the concept of branch. While in every CVS system, the meaning of branch is more or less the same, but they work differently in all of them. The git uses something which is called as a revolutionary way of handling the branch which makes it easy to use branches and merge them. Viewing all the branch in your current project git branch This will display all the branches in the project you are working on. The * beside a branch denotes the current active branch. If this is a new project, or  … [Read More]

letter rose

Love Letter? Break-Up Letter?

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This is almost a decade old letter I found lying in my email archive. Had written this for a friend of mine who had gone through a breakup to send to the ex. I couldn’t understand.. maybe I never had. I still don’t know your intentions nor do I know what was I waiting for. But with passing time I have started hating the person I had loved once. I don’t know why did you said the things you never meant. You told me that you loved me, but the next moment you were unsure. You said that you cared for me,  … [Read More]

finance calculator

Resolutions for the Financial Year 2017-2018

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As the current financial year 2016-2017 comes to an end, we have start running havoc to make investments to make sure to save some money while filing the income tax returns for the current financial year. Surely we won’t be able to cover all the aspects, but we akways like to take a last minute jump to save a few bucks here and there. To avoid this late crash, one need to make some exhaustive list of plans for the coming financial year so that we can be prepared from the start, rather than running around during the end of the  … [Read More]