Redirecting from one website to another in dokku

dokku docker

Step 1. Install dokku-redirect pluginGit: dokku plugin:install Step 2. Set the redirect to the new url dokku redirect:set app-name The app-new-web-url can be set to’t able to use the http/https protocol before the url Step 3. To redirect individual subdomains, the same procedure needs to […]

Working with Params in Angular

angular params

While working with routes in angular, sometimes we might need to fetch some information from the url that shows up in the browser. Params, QueryParams and Fragments are the bits of information that can be fetched from the route url. This is one part of the 3 part series of […]

HTML Basics

html javascript

When someone hits the url, the computer puts the information and some additional information and puts it in a packet and sends out to the servers and the data-centers to the internet hub. The internet hub lets the packet know where the server resides. Then the server returns what the […]

Advanced JavaScript v1

html javascript

“use strict”; // needs to be used as string as most browsers didn’t used to support this and so would throw error. 2: We can use the Chrome Developer Tools Snippets to develop small pieces of code. “use strict”; or someFunction() { “use strict”; … } strict mode checking works […]

Serving Static Files Locally using Node and Express


A basic setup to serve a folder in a browsable mode using NodeJs and ExpressJS. const express = require(‘express’); const app = express(); const serveIndex = require(‘serve-index’); const port = process.env.PORT || 3000; app.use(express.static(__dirname + “/”)) app.use(‘/’, serveIndex(__dirname + ‘/’)); const server = app.listen(port, function() { console.log(“Server running at port […]



SECTION 1 9 – What is TypeScript Its a super-set of vanilla JavaScript. It has more features like Types, Classes, Interfaces, etc. But as because the browser does not support Typescript, it is first compiled to JavaScript via the CLI prior running in the browser. 11 – Adding Bootstrap to […]


Initialize an empty git repository git init Add (stage) all the added/modified files for commit git add . To add specific files, use git add path/to/file1.txt path/to/file2.ts Commit all the staged files from the above command git commit -m “your message” Push the changes to master branch git push origin […]