Working with GIT – Part 2 (Working with branches)

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While working with repositories, one would have come across the concept of branch. While in every CVS system, the meaning of branch is more or less the same, but they work differently in all of them. The git uses something which is called as a revolutionary way of handling the branch which makes it easy to use branches and merge them. Viewing all the branch in your current project git branch This will display all the branches in the project you are working on. The * beside a branch denotes the current active branch. If this is a new project, or  … [Read More]

letter rose

Love Letter? Break-Up Letter?

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This is almost a decade old letter I found lying in my email archive. Had written this for a friend of mine who had gone through a breakup to send to the ex. I couldn’t understand.. maybe I never had. I still don’t know your intentions nor do I know what was I waiting for. But with passing time I have started hating the person I had loved once. I don’t know why did you said the things you never meant. You told me that you loved me, but the next moment you were unsure. You said that you cared for me,  … [Read More]

finance calculator

Resolutions for the Financial Year 2017-2018

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As the current financial year 2016-2017 comes to an end, we have start running havoc to make investments to make sure to save some money while filing the income tax returns for the current financial year. Surely we won’t be able to cover all the aspects, but we akways like to take a last minute jump to save a few bucks here and there. To avoid this late crash, one need to make some exhaustive list of plans for the coming financial year so that we can be prepared from the start, rather than running around during the end of the  … [Read More]


m2nChat – NodeJS powered simple chat application

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Recently I have been getting my hands dirty on NodeJS. It is a very powerful JavaScript runtime that has been designed to build highly scalable web applications. It has been designed to work on the server side and has a solid event model system that can manage a large number of concurrent connections to the server. The m2nChat application has been built over NodeJS with the basic structure taken Realtime Chat using NodeJS. This one has some additional features above the original one. You can also download a copy of the code from github and make your own changes.   Start your private chat. –  … [Read More]

Working with GIT – Part 1 (Creating my first git project)

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I have started working on git recently for my projects and find it a huge step towards keeping my work organized and synced. I learned a lot from around the web and decided to give the information back to the web in a way as concise as possible. What is git? In a nutshell, git is a source code management system. If helps teams (or an individual) to work on the same code, irrespective of their work location. It saves all the changes in versions, so if someone needs to access to a certain code after it has been rewritten several times,  … [Read More]


Git Commands – The Basics

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Have you started working on git recently and feel a little clumsy about its command line way? I have been there too, and being a UI friendly guy, I even sometimes forget its commands anyway. So here are some basic commands to get started. This also works as my come-back-point, whenever I get lost 😉   Get Started With a New Project: All steps at a glance Create a new project in git. And then do, git clone {project-git-url}.git Explanation 1: Open your git site (Github, Gitlab, etc). 2: Create a new project and write down the git path. Something  … [Read More]

Investment Calculator

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Have you ever tried to do a trade. Yes, of course. Who hasn’t tried at least once! But if you happen to be the one who has never tried to do so, try it once for fun. Know what the hype is all about. I started trading a few months back, but I realized one thing that trading comes along with a lot of calculations. And the faster you are at it, the better you are going to do, because changes in stock prices happen in fraction of seconds. So one has to be fast, very fast. While doing some  … [Read More]