End Laundry Chaos

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The process to end laundry chaos can get quite boring as it is one of the worst type of lazy clutter. The clothes start piling up, until it seems like an impossible feat. But to the rescue, you can work on those following aspects to get things in order.

Establish Laundry Routine

Find a couple of days in the week for doing laundry at a particular time. The days and times can change based on the people in the household. Do not skip the timings at any cost, as it will start piling up very fast.

Get Laundry Baskets

Have at least 2 laundry baskets of medium size. One for the bathroom, and one for the laundry area. Having more can be a personal preference, but having the least amount of baskets makes less pile up in my experience.

Use Fewer Clothes

It’s always preferable to get a few good clothes compared to a lot of cheap ones. This also helps in laundry, as less the number of clothes, less washing is required. Also make sure that you don’t buy clothes more than you can store in your closet.

No-iron Clothes

Try to buy clothes that don’t need ironing, as it would pile up in the to-be-ironed shelves, and are going to be chaos at a later time.

Routine for Dry Cleaning

Need to have a basket for dry cleaning also. And also keep a particular day to drop off the items for dry cleaning at the store.

Sorting Clothes

Try as much that you won’t need to sort the clothes. Like, not buying clothes that bleed, or using neutral colors. Also clean the pockets while taking out clothes, so that you won’t need to sort them before laundry.

Post Washing Routine

Make sure to fold the clothes as soon as they come out of the dryer.

Some Additional Pointers

  • Have only 2 set of bedsheets, so that it gives less room to accumulate unwashed items.
  • Change to pyjamas an hour before sleep, so that you get time to put the clothes for laundry, and not throw them around.
  • Get rid of clothes that are stained, or have holes.
  • Try to have larges capacity washers/dryers based on the people in the family
  • Have a bad to sore clothes that need to be donated to charity.

Follow these steps and end laundry chaos from your life. You can also declutter your home by following here.

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