Learning Angular – A Complete Guide

learning angular

Learning Angular would be a multi-part series on the basics of Angular.

After trying to explain the basics of Angular to people who are getting started with front-end development, I thought to pen down some of the things that should be easier to follow afterwards. We can broadly divide the course into the following topics:

  1. Introduction to Angular and how it starts up
  2. Understanding Components and Modules
  3. Data binding (String interpolation, property binding, events)
  4. if-else, for, switch
  5. ngStyle, ngClass
  6. Component custom properties and custom events
  7. ViewChild, ContentChild
  8. Component Lifecycle
  9. Directives (including HostBinding, HostListener)
  10. Services (Dependency Injection)
  11. Routing (QueryParams, Fragments, Pass data to route)
  12. Guards
  13. Observable, Subjects
  14. Forms (Template Driven, Reactive, Custom Form Controls)
  15. Pipes
  16. API calls (HTTPClient)
  17. Interceptor
  18. Shared Modules, Lazy Loading
  19. Store
  20. Deployment

The source code for the course ‘Learning Angular’ can be found at github. I will try to continuously update the source code with all the things that we learn throughout the course.

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