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FTP Access not Showing Any Files/Directory



Sometimes there is an issue with FTP access not showing any files/directory

The server was correctly set up and browsing through the directory via cPanel is possible.
Created the FTP user for access.
When I tried to log-in with the username/password and the server details, the log-in was successful.
But not able to see any files or directories in the FTP client.


In most cases, the problem lies in how we created the FTP user. If you take a look at the user settings, notice the Directory that you have provided access to the user.
It probably might be pointing to the folder where we created the user-account.


If it’s possible, edit the folder location, or as in most cases it’s not editable, so you need to create a new user.

ftp user creation

While creating the new user, we need to make sure that the Directory is set to our user account (/home/username) which is there by default and remove any extra text.

This should resolve the issue of the FTP access not showing any files/directory.

If this still doesn’t resolve the issue, you can raise a question on the cPanel forum.

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