Add Custom Domain in GCP App Engine

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Adding a Custom Domain in GCP App Engine is a great way to have an application live without worrying about configuring a server. Google Cloud Platform or GCP provides App Engine to deploy and host applications without worrying about infrastructure. Google also provides one App Engine for free in it’s […]

Git Submodules

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Git Submodules allows to use a git repository as a subdirectory of another repository. This enables us to use another repository with a reference that can be tracked separately from the main repository. When to use Often an application (hosted on git), will have dependencies on other external code. There […]

Trackpad Gestures on MacBook

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Trackpad Gestures on MacBook comes in quite handy while working on the Apple machines. I have got my hands on a MacBook recently, and the gestures work good to quite some extent, but can be a little better. Here is the default list of trackpad gestures available on the MacBook […]

Check Memory in Raspberry Pi

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Check memory in Raspberry Pi with this short and simple guide. While checking those info may not be as straight forward as the more user friendly operating systems, the following can serve as a simple guide. Check RAM Details RAM details can be checked in 2 ways1. Using Task Manager2. […]

NodeJS – Getting Started

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NodeJS is a backend JavaScript based runtime environment, which is cross-platform and executes JavaScript outside of the web browser. It is highly scalable as it’s been designed with non-blocking, event-driven architecture. While it was initially designed for real-time push based architecture, it has gotten quite popular in a lot of […]

Reactive Forms in Angular


Reactive Forms in Angular form one of the two types of Forms in Angular, namely:– Template Driven Forms– Reactive Forms Reactive forms uses a model driven approach to handling inputs and it’s changes over time. It enable the developers to get more granular control of the forms. Features of Reactive […]