Surround Yourself with Progress

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Surround yourself with Progress to beget more Progress. The normal tendency is to discard the list of action steps, once it is complete. But many successful people think otherwise. They tend to keep the list to relish upon their progress, It’s easy to come up with ideas and brainstorm the […]

Weight Gain Diet

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Getting the correct weight gain diet is necessary to be able to successfully gain weight without side-effects. Here I lay down one of the simplest diets to follow for gaining weight. Early Morning 1 cup of Sprouts ( 3/4th part of Black Gram, 1/4th part of Whole Green Mung + […]

Email Inbox Processing System

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Each email that arrives in the inbox requires time and energy. So it’s better to have an email inbox processing system that can reduce the headache of managing emails and keeping the inbox decluttered. The first and the simplest approach would be to creates rules and filters to weed out […]

Upgrade Life with Money

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Upgrade life with money is not the usual like everyone thinks. With money, everyone thinks to buy a mansion, get a fancy car, or get the costliest diamond money can buy. But these are just marketing gimmicks and going to get you anywhere better. You will lose all these soon […]

Full Day Diet Plan

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A full day diet plan with multiple small meals for a perfectly balanced diet. Can add or remove items as desired. Breakfast 2-3 eggs + 2 toast + 1 bowl of full milk with cereal OR a bowl oats/porridge OR stuffed parathas/upma/poha Mid morning / snack 1 fruit + yoghurt […]

Love Letter? Break-Up Letter?

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This is almost a decade old letter I found lying in my email archive. Had written this for a friend of mine who had gone through a breakup to send to the ex. I couldn’t understand.. maybe I never had. I still don’t know your intentions nor do I know what was […]