Introduction to Angular and how it starts up

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This article on introduction to angular is part of the Learning Angular series. Angular replaces AngularJS which had taken the internet by storm, when it was released almost a decade back in 2009. While AngularJS was quite a robust library, there were also quite some nuances which was making it difficult to manage. So the developers went for a whole rewrite of the library and built a framework instead which came to be known as Angular 2, or better Angular. Over the years, the team has been releasing newer versions every 6 months, v8 being the most recent. We won’t  … [Read More]

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Learning Angular – A Complete Guide

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Learning Angular would be a multi-part series on the basics of Angular. After trying to explain the basics of Angular to people who are getting started with front-end development, I thought to pen down some of the things that should be easier to follow afterwards. We can broadly divide the course into the following topics: Introduction to Angular and how it starts up Understanding Components and Modules Data binding (String interpolation, property binding, events) if-else, for, switch ngStyle, ngClass Component custom properties and custom events ViewChild, ContentChild Component Lifecycle Directives (including HostBinding, HostListener) Services (Dependency Injection) Routing (QueryParams, Fragments, Pass  … [Read More]


Data Structures in JavaScript

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1. What are Data Structures and why are they ImportantData Structures are way of organizing data that is stored in a computer or database. Each type of data structure represents a different way of organizing the data.There are different types of data structures because they have different strengths and weaknesses.Some are fast at storing and slow at retrieving and some vice-versa. Importance of Data Structures:– Data structures have big impact on performance, quick and efficiently a program runs. Example, when we need to store data at a faster pace, we can use linked list. Or when we need to access  … [Read More]


Understanding the Weird Parts of JavaScript

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SECTION 1 – Getting Started 1 – Introduction and the Goal of the CourseThe goal is to understand how JavaScript works under the hood.2 – Setup3 – Big Words and JavaScript4 – Watching this Course in High-Definition5 – Understanding Frameworks and the Weird Parts SECTION 2 – Execution Contexts and Lexical Environments 6 – Conceptual Aside: Syntax Parsers, Execution Contexts and Lexical EnvironmentsSyntax parser – A program that reads the code and determines what it does and if it’s grammar is valid – Is done character by characterLexical Environment – Where something sits physically in the code that is writen.Execution  … [Read More]

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HTML Basics

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When someone hits the url, the computer puts the information and some additional information and puts it in a packet and sends out to the servers and the data-centers to the internet hub. The internet hub lets the packet know where the server resides. Then the server returns what the user wants, and divides the information into multiple packets and are sent to the destination, where the packets are again reorganized to display the web page. HTML is the noun of a web-page. structure content of a page CSS is the adjectives/skin JavaScript verbs/actions 15 HTML Basics HyperText Markup Language  … [Read More]

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Advanced JavaScript v1

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“use strict”; // needs to be used as string as most browsers didn’t used to support this and so would throw error. 2: We can use the Chrome Developer Tools Snippets to develop small pieces of code. “use strict”; or someFunction() { “use strict”; … } strict mode checking works ont eh scope it is declared in. Issues with non strict mode var theVal = 0; thVal = 1; // spelling mistake wouldn’t be caught in non-strict mode if (theVal > 0) { console.log(‘Hello’) } Uses: 1. Precents accidental global vartiable declarations. 2. Prevents using reserved keywords. 3. Prevents deleting  … [Read More]


Starting a simple local webserver using NodeJS and Express

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Sometimes you just need a web server in your local computer but don’t want to bother installing a full fledged software like xampp, wamp, etc. to do it. Now-a-days almost everyone in the information technology industry have come across NodeJS. For those who don’t, NodeJS is an open source javascript based server framework. It is lightweight and has no-nonsense approach to manage things. You should already have an installation of NodeJS to continue with this. If not, please refer to guides to get it installed in your machine. Next you will need the ExpressJS framework for NodeJS to start the  … [Read More]