Filing Income Tax for Intraday Trading

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Income Tax Filing can be done via the official website Income Tax department. For income tax filing of intraday trading, one needs to file the ITR 3 form. Click Continue Click ‘Continue’ to answer some questions. The ‘Schedules’ section will update based on the answers. I had already filled up […]

Invest in Index Funds

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When we invest in index funds, we basically invest in stocks that are part of some index. An index consists of a bunch of stocks that represent a particular category. For example, we have the Nifty 50 Index which tracks the top 50 stocks of the NSE. Then there are […]

EPF Taxation

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EPF or Employee Providend Fund is one of the Government schemes that applies over employees earning more than Rs.15000 in an organisation with more than 20 employees. It is a highly efficient retirement and tax planning scheme. The EPF amount is automatically deducted from the salary of the employee, and […]

What is Account Drawdown?

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Account Drawdown is the maximum loss observed from the view of the account value. For example, let’s consider my trading account had a deposit value of Rs. 100, and is at a value of Rs. 120 today. But it was around Rs. 70 sometime during this year. So the lowest […]

Treasury Bills or T-Bills

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Treasury bills are a type of Government Securities issued by the Government of India and it guarantees the payment for a later date. The Government collects funds in this manner to meet their short term requirements. This helps reduce the fiscal deficit of the economy. Government Securities or G-Secs are […]

Stock Trading Like a Pro

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Start stock trading like a pro when you exactly know what to do. Most people think that trading is like gambling. But what they don’t understand that trading is actually mindset and skill rather than luck. Those who depend on luck to trade can succeed once or twice, but they […]

30 Passive Income Ideas

30 passive income ideas

Rent out a room Affiliate marketing Dividend stocks Peer to peer lending Sell an online course Sell an e-book Start a YouTube channel Drop-shipping store Buy a profitable app Buy a profitable website Start a Podcast Hold stocks long term Create an app Rent out your car Laundromat Vending machines […]