5 Steps of the Writing Process

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The writing process can get pretty tricky and requires some pretty hard work to publish a post that keeps the reader engaged. From a reader’s perspective, searching for information should not be like finding gold. Readers should not have to scribble through numerous sections to reach the right information. With […]

Horoscope – 2019

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CHARACTER You think out things that are original in character. These may take widely diverse forms. You might invent some very ingenious contrivance or evolve a new method. Whatever it is, the world will be taken a step forward on your account.There is no doubt that you set great score […]

Love Letter? Break-Up Letter?

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This is almost a decade old letter I found lying in my email archive. Had written this for a friend of mine who had gone through a breakup to send to the ex. I couldn’t understand.. maybe I never had. I still don’t know your intentions nor do I know what was […]