How to Install Google Cloud CLI

install google cloud cli

Follow these steps to install the Google Cloud CLI on a windows computer. The Google cloud CLI is supported in Windows 8 and above. Install via the command line Open PowerShell and paste the following command as it is: This will download the file and run the Google Cloud installer. […]

How to take screenshots in Windows

take screenshot in windows

This article tries to sum up all the ways on how to take screenshots in Windows Operation System. Note: This process has been run on Windows 10 With newer features coming in to windows at regular intervals, taking screenshots (capturing the screen) has become easier than ever. You might be […]

AWS Concepts

aws certified developer associate

This article lays out the basic AWS concepts to get a fundamental understanding of the AWS services and their usage. Storage Types S3 Types of S3 S3 – 2+ AZ (Availability Zone) S3 IA (Infrequently Accessed) S3 One Zone IA Reduced Redundancy Storage – 99.99% availability Glacier– Also supports Intelligent […]

Deploying an Angular App


This article on Deploying an Angular App is part of the Learning Angular series. Deployment Preparations and Important Steps Steps:a) Build the app for production. Better to consider AIT or whatevr method we follow. ng build –prod –aot b) Set the correct elementIf Angular is being served form any folder that is […]

Angular Modules and Lazy Loading

angular modules lazy loading

This article on Angular Modules & Lazy Loading is part of the Learning Angular series. Understanding the App Module Imports are a language feature that tells the compiler to where to look for the files and features that are required.Modules are a part of Angular which it sees as a way of […]